About Us

My name is Prabhat.
I am the founder of My Martial Art. I have done many years of work on this. I have been practicing martial arts since 2000. I have learned a variety of martial arts including Karate, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Jujutsu, and some other. I have learned to use weapons of martial arts myself which include Nanchaku, Lathi, Sword, Chain-Knife etc.
I have defended myself from time to time in a variety of real battles. And I know what real martial art is. Now I teach martial arts in my own way.
Hundreds of people learn this martial art online from me. My war knowledge is a hybrid war knowledge. This is not conventional war knowledge of any kind. It is the most different and effective. There is no useless practice in this. In this we uses various parts of body as well as weapons. Arms training is imparted after three years of basic training. Training of all types of fighting is imparted in it.


My martial art are learned and taught only for self-defense.

The aim of My Martial Arts is removing fake martial arts from india and teach real martial arts to every citizen of India and enabling them to self-protect in every situation.

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